GMP Gap Assessment

We can perform collaborative or independent GMP gap assessments at your facility(s).  We customize our support to fit our client’s needs.  We partner with clients and help prioritize gaps based on risk and develop corrective and preventive action plans to close gaps with sustainable solutions.  What challenges are you facing that we can help you solve?

  • Gap Assessments
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Training

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What is a GMP Gap Assessment?

A GMP Gap Assessment compares programs and practices at your facility against current GMP regulations established by the FDA and published in 21 CFR Part 117.  It is important to conduct gap assessments on a routine schedule to ensure your programs and practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements and GFSI standards.  Ensuring your team is well trained in Current GMP requirements is a critical piece to a robust program and maintaining good GMPs.  Maintaining GMPs at your facility will result in many benefits that will reduce and prevent food safety hazards from contaminating the food you produce, ultimately protecting your’s and your customer’s brands and business and most importantly the consumer.  To name a few benefits, GMPs:

  • Promotes a healthy food safety culture with your employees
  • Helps prevent foodborne illness, injuries, and recalls
  • Supports food safety 
  • Ensures your facility complies with regulatory requirements