Food Product Development

From ideation to the dinner table, at a restaurant, or at home. We have experts that can develop products with you or for you. Let’s work together on food product or culinary innovation!

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Food Product Development & Culinary Innovation

Food Product Development (From bench to launch):

  • Translating consumer insights into product/concept design
  • Bench prototyping
  • Sensory/concept testing with targeted consumers
  • Product optimization
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Scale-up and commercialization
  • Manufacturing partner vetting
  • Development of specifications and manufacturing quality procedures
  • Marketing technical support

Culinary Innovation (From an ingredient or a menu trend):

  • Ideation   
  • Quick menu development or refresh
  • Menu gap analysis
  • Competitive positioning and price point
  • Recipe development and database creation
  • Pantry simplification
  • Back of house solutions
  • Social media content development
  • Culinary content for product launch and events
  • Story building and reason to believe
  • Event and show demo

What is Food Product Development?

In a nutshell, food product development is a series of stages that companies work through when modifying an existing product or when developing and bringing a new product to market.  The process is complex and requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience to be successful.  The amount of time spent on each stage depends on multiple factors (available resources, expertise, etc.).  

The benefit of leveraging experienced consultants is that they can bring years of experience, significant knowledge and expertise, and additional outside resources when needed.  This can add a lot of efficiency and value.