Todd Badgley

Founder and President


Todd’s passion for the food industry started at a young age.  He grew up in central Washington and worked for most of his young life in his family’s orchard business.  There he learned the importance and value of hard work, quality, and the vital role that all team members play in consistently creating and delivering quality products to customers.

After earning a B.S. in Business Administration from Central Washington University, Todd followed his passion in another area of the food industry where he began a career in food manufacturing.

Since 1998, Todd has served in 8 progressive leadership roles in 4 manufacturing facilities and corporate quality and food safety.  He gained significant knowledge and experience in manufacturing, quality, and food safety during his career.  Todd served as Global Director of Quality and Food Safety at two top food companies: ConAgra Brands and Lamb Weston Holdings.

In his roles, he supported and led many successful work streams and initiatives, including, but not limited to FSMA compliance, food safety culture, HACCP/food safety plans, allergen control, sanitation, sanitary design and assessment, environmental monitoring for pathogen control, regulatory inspections, recall and crisis management, supplier compliance, co-manufacturing food safety, external lab management, and labeling claims (Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, etc).  Todd also served as an industry member in trade organization committees:  AFFI (Listeria control in frozen foods) and Food Northwest (Operational and Technical Committee, Listeria control checklist).

After working for more than 20 years in global food manufacturing and corporate quality and food safety, Todd founded Badgley Consulting Group, a premier food safety consulting business based in the US. Todd’s main passion is to help people grow and help companies tackle challenges that improve and strengthen their businesses. Todd’s greatest enjoyment throughout his career has been working with and developing the most important resource in any business; People!

“The most rewarding part of my career has been and continues to be, helping people (and as a result, companies) learn and grow to overcome current and future challenges the food industry faces.  The sense of accomplishment people realize that is earned while working together to develop and implement systems and solutions to deliver consistent safe and quality food products to customers and consumers is very gratifying to be a part of.”

As President of Badgley Consulting Group, Todd is dedicated to partnering with clients to understand and clearly define their needs in order to establish and implement effective and sustainable solutions while reducing and/or minimizing cost.

When not at work, Todd enjoys the outdoors, camping, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.