Co-Manufacturer Verification

Whether you need to approve a new co-manufacturer (contract manufacturer or co-packer) or assess an existing co-manufacturer, it is critical that you ensure that they are producing and/or packing food for you in a safe and sanitary manner, adhering to all applicable regulatory requirementsWe can help you with assessing your and their food safety system to identify and reduce regulatory and food safety risk to your business, brands, and customers.

  • Risk Assessment (On-site or virtual):  We can conduct assessments to ensure you have a clear understanding of gaps in prospective co-manufacturer(s) before approval.

Food Safety Inspections and System Assessments (On-site or virtual):  We can inspect and assess your approved co-manufacturer(s) and identify gaps.  Working with your team, we can help you work with suppliers to close gaps and reduce the risk to your products, brands and business.

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What is a Co-manufacturer?

A co-manufacturer is a company that manufacturers food products (for human or animal consumption) on behalf of another company.  FSMA requires co-manufacturers to comply with the same regulations that the owner of the food is subject to.  

FDA:  By “co-manufacturing,” we mean a contractual arrangement whereby one party (the brand owner) arranges for a second party (the co-manufacturer) to manufacture/process human or animal food on behalf of the first party.

The FDA has issued guidance for co-manufactures to clarify requirements to help ensure their compliance to regulatory requirements.